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Blue Moon Marketing offers a a variety of marketing services to help cryptocurrency projects grow and succeed.

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Blue Moon Marketing

We offer marketing on the Blue Moon Channel and Discussion Group. We also offer marketing with other Top Tier 1 & 2 Crypto Marketing channels.

Official Pinksale Partner

We're part of the PinkSale Network, providing specialized services in marketing and AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions.

Venture Capitals Fund Raising

Connect with prominent web3 Venture Capitals to fund your project.

Trending on Dextools, Reddit, Twitter & More

Get your project noticed in the trending sections of the different crypto platforms and social media.

CEX Listing

Connect with a diverse range of Tier 2 to Tier 1 Cryptocurrency Exchanges to facilitate listings and Initial Exchange Offerings (IEOs) for your project.

Press & Billboards Services

Help your project gain more exposure through media outlets and print or digital publications.

Admin, "Shill" and Raid Services

Get control total control on your telegram group through our administrators and moderators who will help with daily group tasks and answer investors questions.


Either you're creating a new project or want to improve an existing one. We will take care of the branding of your project from design to social media assets.

Website Development

Frontend design and backend development of your website, with react and web3 integration features.

Graphic Assets for your Brand

Animated stickers, attractive social media banners, emojis for telegram, announcement banners and much more.

// for ETH & BSC Defi tokens

Telegram and Twitter Marketing Services and Incubation

Elevate Your Crypto Presence in Telegram and Twitter

Drive Crypto Success with BlueMoon Marketing

Unleash Your Crypto Potential with our Marketing plans and Influencers


Marketing Projects Since 2020

Step 1

- Start research on the project

- Explore marketing potentials

- Discuss with the team

Step 2

- Incubation

- Marketing strategy

- Help with development or upgrades

Step 3

- Raise funds with VCs

- Make a successful launch with aligned marketing strategies

Step 4

- Execute the marketing strategy

- Implement development or upgrades

- Monitor progress and make adjustments

Step 5

- Evaluate project success

- Collect feedback

- Document the project

- Identify growth opportunities

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Give Exposure to your Project

Through the different Social Media platforms

Twitter Trending

Boost your project's visibility and engage with the crypto community by trending on Twitter.

Telegram Promotion

Connect directly with crypto enthusiasts and investors through our Telegram promotion services.

Reddit Trending

Our Reddit promotion services will position your project in relevant subreddits, sparking discussions and driving organic growth.

YouTube Promotion

Our team will create compelling video content, collaborate with influential YouTubers, and optimize your project's presence.

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Our Team of Expert Marketers

René Van Dijk

CEO of Blue Moon Marketing. With 6 years of experience in the Crypto Space, rene has been involved in over 200+ projects.

Now, he leads a team of popular influencers at Blue Moon. Get ready to witness his exciting journey as he transforms the world of crypto marketing.


Senior Web3 Copywriter who has cultivated a specific expertise in the ever-evolving cryptocurrency industry. Throughout his career, has consistently leveraged his creative prowess and understanding of the market to meticulously design strategic marketing campaigns. These campaigns are not just geared towards mere exposure; they are methodically tailored to drive user engagement and, in turn, significantly enhance revenue streams.

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Born in 2020




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What our Partners Say

Tommi Karjalainen
Designton Game Studio CEO

"I am happy to share my experience working with BlueMoon Marketing. As the CEO of Designton Game Studio, we were in search of a marketing partner that truly understood the unique challenges and opportunities within the crypto industry. BlueMoon Marketing exceeded our expectations in every aspect.Their team displayed an exceptional level of expertise and knowledge in crypto marketing.

From the very beginning, they took the time to understand our project's goals, target audience, and competitive landscape. They developed a comprehensive marketing strategy that aligned perfectly with our vision and objectives."

Overdose Gems (OD)
DeFi Crypto Marketer

"Working with BlueMoon Marketing has been an absolute game-changer in the DeFi game. Their strategic approach to marketing, coupled with their in-depth understanding of my specific goals, has led to outstanding results. The innovative strategies they employ in the rapidly evolving digital landscape have truly set projects brand apart. I enthusiastically recommend BlueMoon Marketing to any business seeking to achieve extraordinary results. Their expertise and strategic approach have been instrumental in driving growth and success for projects in crypto. With BlueMoon Marketing as a trusted partner, I am excited to see how they will continue to elevate the marketing business to new heights."

Evan Luthra
Forbes 30U30 Entrepreneur

"BlueMoon Marketing has consistently exceeded my expectations as a strategic marketing partner. Their innovative strategies and deep understanding of my business goals have resulted in remarkable success.

Their adaptability in the ever-changing digital landscape and comprehensive approach across various marketing channels have generated significant growth and revenue. BlueMoon Marketing's professionalism, responsiveness, and dedication to customer satisfaction have made them an invaluable asset. I highly recommend their services to any entrepreneur or business seeking exceptional results."

Monsta Infinite CFO

"BlueMoon Ventures comprises a group of passionate marketing experts with a diverse perspective. Their team is highly connected, well-known, and actively engaged in the industry. What sets them apart is their ability to transcend regional boundaries and explore opportunities on a global scale.

We are extremely proud to have had their support in our early days, as they helped us attract users from all over the world.Their expertise extends to deeply understanding the core value of a project, developing effective tokenomics, and investing time in studying market trends to assist projects in understanding their target audience. "

Teh_bag Collaborator and Innovator

"BlueMoon Marketing has been an instrumental partner in our journey with teh Bag. Their strategic insights and innovative approach to marketing have significantly contributed to our project's success. Collaborating closely with FrogDab and the renowned Wolf of Saigon, the BlueMoon team demonstrated their prowess in crafting compelling campaigns that resonated deeply with our target audience.
Their dedication, professionalism, and ability to adapt to our project's unique needs set them apart. Thanks to BlueMoon Marketing's expertise, we've achieved remarkable brand visibility and growth. I wholeheartedly recommend BlueMoon Marketing to anyone seeking to take their project to the next level."